The introduction

Founder + Digital Director + Black Woman with magic, Quay, is the heart beat behind The HYE TV.

The Portland, Oregon native and Pace University Class of 2016 Alumna always expressed an interest in Media and Communiction with plans to turn it into a lifetime career. 

Her vision for The HYE TV is to see it reach millions who have gifts that contribute to the circulation of art and influence in the world. She wants to provide a platform that idolizes independent and emerging creators while creating visual projects that creatively capture these individuals.

Quay is a pescatarian who enjoys reading, cooking, correcting wrongs, networking, influencing her peers through words and actions, drinking iced matcha with coconut milk,  chocolate and shoes of all kind. 

Quay knows she will be Great and she believe you will be too.




 Quay, @quayills    

Quay, @quayills