We, millennials, need to be more aware of what's going on around us. Our focus is on everyday living, blinding ourselves to the real issues at hand.  Our nation is in a state of emergency, but we already have the cure; awareness and love. Enjoy my poem, War Cry, in honor of our current social issues below:

One nation under God, 

But all I see is one nation under money, hate and greed.

My soul weeps to know our God,

Sitting in heaven and watching his people Hurt each other, lie to each other

And live our lives in disbelief.

His mercy is new everyday his grace is sufficient ,

But how long will we sit around and go with "well this is all science,."

How long will we keep walking in destruction bound by chains ,

Living life as if hell is just hell and heaven is well, just heaven.

How long my people will we fight against each other, plot against each other,

Throw bombs at each other, rape each others mothers and daughters?

How long my people will we walk in darkness, blinded by money and power.

My people are all people!

If your heart beats then you're my brother, if blood flows through your body you're my sister.

So my people are we going to unite and walk in the light or let the darkness over take us ?