The roots

The trunk.

The branches. 

The leaves.

Every part of this makes up this plant. 

Every part of this creates its life. 

And its death. 

But it sprouts with new air. 

A new beginning. 


The roots. 

The life of the TREE. 

Its reason to keep spreading is to reach new distances for the sake of becoming something better. 


The roots are like veins. It spreads through the dirt, to cling on to life. It holds the existence of each part. It scours the earth to hundreds of places to give, it all, to one single organism. So many roots are dug into the soil to lay its loving vine. Its role is to give life, where its necessary. 


The trunk.

The love of the TREE.

Its reason to keep growing is to become taller than the sky.


The trunk is the character and personality of the tree. It holds it all together to become one single body. It serves as the heartbeat. It pumps for stability and balance. It shields from negative forces and bad intent. It strength holds no bounds, as it hardens for those who destroys it but softens for those who find solace and love.


The branches. 

The journey of the TREE. 

Its reason to keep sprouting is to live its life as many times as it can, to enjoy its many possibilities of happiness. 


The branches are millions of persons waiting to grow. There like infinite amounts of possibilities. Waiting to be taking from its grasp. It keeps growing for it to make room for more souls and more hearts. It longs for new life, new length to acquire new goals and a new journey to go down a newer path. 


The leaves. 

The spirit of the TREE.

Its reason to keep rising and falling is to show its true colors no matter how hard but for it to be okay when it falls to short. 


The leaves are tons of colored remnants of the future. It knows it will fall once it reaches its end. Once it reaches the pavement, where the rest lie. Its remedy in which it moves sways the spirit of the rest. When one falls, the others will follow unexpectedly. Its slow dance in the wind creates a vivid guide to the millions of leaves waiting to find their movement. 


The roots

The trunk.

The branches. 

The leaves.

Each a remnant of either;

Life, love, journeys and spirits. 

Every part of this creates the TREE. 

To its undying death. 

But it still goes on, whether in;

Death, sorrow, endlessness and earth.

Towards new beginnings.

New tomorrows.