POETRY: The Wall

Not even an earthquake could move it, It stands tall.

Blocking the sunlight from my heart.

It darkens my soul,

It grips at my understanding paralyzing my sound, It shatters my soul.

How could a physical thing do that you might ponder?

This wall isn't made of stone nor brick.

This wall reeks of pride , lust and unforgiveness. Bitterness.

See this wall wasn't hard to build, but this wall was hard to break down.

One day I felt something, an electric touch that gripped my soul,

Sending chills down my spine, It was unfamiliar.

My soul lit up for the first time.

Then just that fast I remembered that I once laid down with dogs and caught fleas.

My soul darkened again.

The warmth that i felt flooded my heart.

I picked my face up from my lap.

I noticed a peep hole , I decided to take a look.

I seen a promise of a new life.

A fight stirred up in my belly, burning at the soul of my feet.

One day this wall will break down,

The dust that will blow will cause my soul to rejoice,

Because I knew darkness was defeated .