POETRY: Worthy

So we say we love each other.

But is it really love ?

Then why do we hurt each other? 

Why do we tell lies for comfort and protection of the other person?

But love is honesty, so why is "I love you that is why I lied to you" used?

You ever thought to yourself that love is more than dates and silk sheets?

Unconditional then turns into I'm going to treat you like you nothing,

But since this is forever you must forgive me.

I thought I should stand up for myself I'm a queen, right?

This isn't what I deserve, right?

But walking away is considered giving up, but if I stay I don't know my worth right ?

So many definitions so many rules.

Love should motivate not just penetrate.

It seems if your legs aren't open then your love isn't real feelings are well feelings.