POETRY: Lovely Opposites

As darkness comes, so does the light. 

A birth on earth brings light,

But a murder on the streets is a dark sight.

The sun rises at the finest day, 

But the moon steals the light when its brightest, they say.

As the hate gives in, the joy jumps out. 

The white in there spirit steals a persons heart ,

But the black in there soul takes the persons will to start.

The Yang says a man has descended from heaven in a bright heat, 

But the yin tells the women manifests from a cold hell, where a dark earth sleeps. 

As death creates heartbreak, life creates tear-break.

Its a loving suicide.

A swirling pool of right and left. 

As love begets happiness, the opposites begets one. 

Because without both, none would stay.

And none would last.   

As two become one, both become all.