Everyone loses. 

Days go by when the life of loss was a life not living. 

No one can gain something when everyone gains loss. 

From that, the only loss I see is a life of losing life. 

Its an irrefutable fact. 

It, can, and IS unexpected and unpredictable. 

But losing is not all bad. 

From loss comes gratefulness,

And gracefulness. 

From loss you gain will. 

Will, to know loss. 

To know love...

...that was not there, but now found.

But don't spend mourning those that have long passed. 

Thats more time loss takes from you. 

From the life you can gain. 

Knowing you can keep going and learn from those that are lost. 

Everyone loses. 

Not lose life, but gain love for those that left you love.