POETRY: Let Our Souls Talk


Its in all of us.

Within us through it all. 

It makes us all tighten our grips.

And tighten our hopes. 

We all have a soul. 

Which embarks on a journey to help us become who we are. 

They have a grand design, to our individuality. 

Like sparks of little persons within one, waiting for each to take hold. 

We all change through time, souls are no exception. 

We know this. Well some do. 

What we don't know is that, our soul's talk. 

And our soul's burst. 


For one to have a soul, one must be one with themselves. 

On all aspects. 

Body, heart and mind. 

This sparks everything. 

You must be down with yourself. 

One who does not have a soul, either hasn't yet manifested one; or in most cases has yet realized they have one. 

But In reality, we all have a soul.

People just deny that fact, from past situations or words that cut deep. 

Or circumstances that made them bleed from the life they once had.

Don't be mistake, 

your soul is their. 


Its a grand design. 

Because its within you.

And what you take in, radiates out. 

Our soul talks. 

It inspires us, 

motivates others, 

brings others happiness, 

brings us on adventures,

shows us others love, 

and helps us run our day. 

Because souls talk to one another. 

Like a magnet.

We attract. (And detract)

Souls bring us the light of day we need in a world deep in shade.

Let my soul talk to yours.

Let them burst.