So I sit here in the dark 

Wondering where you are I met this boy,

He made those hidden butterflies in my stomach come alive

He spoke words that filled my heart, filled not overflowed with passion.

Lust mixed with emotions what is that called?

I found my love, and I don't want to lose it again.

Distant lover, is it real? i met you once, in my dreams,

Now you're in my reality, or is this the dream?

Thoughts of feeling your warm body against mine.

How could I miss you when I never met you?

Missing kisses I never got, 17 days in paradise.

I call it that because we smile this much only when we're there.

I just want to get lost in you, tell me do you feel the same ?

No pain? No shame? Pure as the river as loud as the rushing waters.

I'm deep in, join me forget everything else just you and I .

In love, peace for an eternity.


Waydine Smith