Friend or Foe

"The greatest Gift in life is friendship." -Hubert H.

It's  hard to tell these days if someone is a Friend or Enemy or even a frenemy!

We sometimes raise the bar a little too high,

Setting expectations for our friends,

That we can't reach ourselves .

That causes a strain on relationships,

That stops the flow !

Once the flow is cut off then  you notice you fight more 

And talk less that's where the famous 'frenemy' word comes into play.

Now you end up with a group of people that are only tolerating each other.

This problem can easily be avoided by simply being open, 

Communication is key!

Be slow to anger and quick to listen.

Listening requires your full attention and not just a response.

We are all different and we should respect each others design!

What fun would a world be if everyone was the same?

Enjoy your friendships,

Grow with each other and most importantly be kind.