I sit. 

Feeling the pulse of my heart.

Eyes glaring. 

Rustling, moving, and unbearable noise. 

The sway is quite, annoying and inescapable.

But, yet...

It is a lovely rhythm that comforts you, and puts you to heavenly rest. 

Quiet, it can be.

Frustratingly loud as well. 

Hands and breath cover the grips that save you from embarrassment. 

Lips constantly moving.


Conversations that are tense or alluding. 

Fingers have never been fidgeted as fast as it has.

Smells of everywhere and, literally, the place you don't believe should be even, considered, touched. 

Spills, un-maneuvered feet and wattling. 

Crying, and unrelenting bickering.


Racing like the electricity our bodies run by, and speeds by. 

Extreme movement of the neck and, an oddly sense of connection. 

Eyes can inter-connect and inter-twine.

Such a melancholic yet soothing choice to reach the outside, once more.