"I get a plate and divide amongst my gang, boy. Nothing better than structuring and stacking hundreds." - ZIon

Visually Orchestrated By Dee Frosted (@DeeKnows_)
Shot by Apex Lex (@ApexLex) 
Prod. Ditty

Mixed By LostStudios INC.

2017 appears to be a wake up year for many emerging artists as the games have been put to the side and Tunnel Vision fills their lens.

Zion, the Brooklyn thoroughbred, just dropped Tunnel Vision Remix accompanied by the visuals as he can be seen riding through his hood while flowing over the melodic beat. Zion has never been one to filter what he has to say as you get exactly what he gives and you can't help but to appreciate that in particular artist. 

"I'm money motivated until there's nothing left. My mom said there's more to life than looking great."

The bea$tcoast artist, also creator of 22Love collective, has developed over the years as he maintains his raw, gritty rap sound. It's evident Zion's, along with many of his peers, energy is centered on being greater than his current position and everything in between; that's tunnel vision.

Zion (Little Lord), @zionKem