I say that nigga ain't the plug
He's just a runner!
Fuck what they say I'm getting to that bag
And I don't like to talk, I don't like to brag
Finessing on them, yeah I got 'em mad!
- Yungg Roc

From Brooklyn - East New York, Yungg Roc gives us a visual to "Runner" along side his team, Zillaboys.

Be your own plug why you waiting on it
She like bosses only that's why she on it

Aerial views, clean shots, double takes, jiggy moves and comradeship, "Runner" is a wavy video. Yungg Roc (@yunggroc) and Zillaboys provide a story to match the lyrics as you can see a young man acting as an actual runner throughout the visuals - if you don't know what that is then you didn't pay attention the visuals - while other shots show the brothers dancing and a few with added graphics.

The visuals are clean, clear and dope to watch. What's your take?