STVSH releases ultra detailed visuals to his first single off Commercial Crack, "East Coast."

Stvsh linked up with Janoff Films to create a visual masterpiece that has set the bar for indie artists and their visual reveals. The video is more like a short film where you see Stvsh and model, Rhiyan Alexis, dining in a pink dinner followed by various shots of him in a hotel room with two other girls, an alluring joy ride, french exhales and 718 squad shots.

"East Coast" is about Stvsh and his relations with women, or maybe one in particular, as he searches for answers to his own actions and those of his counterpart. He also raps about his grind and vision. The track is the interlude to Commercial Crack and named after his birth side, the East Coast. Brooklyn to be exact.

The colors are so vivid throughout the film, Janoff captured most of the scenes in slow motion allowing the best still imagery and an overall impeccable visual for "East Coast." 

Check it out below an be sure to tell him what you think in the comments: