VIDEO: Elijah Hosein - SECRET

We're going to party, Fiesta

Forget the rest of the world is watching

Tonight were exotic just like you girl.

We got some problems, we don't worry about them

but we know how to solve them.

- Elijah Hosein

It's no secret the Brooklyn-shaped singer/song writer, Elijah Hosein, is influenced by the legendary Michael Jackson and is on a mission for the likes of others to respect his voice.

With the debut of his new song and visuals, "Secret," the track's overall appeal is top notch. Not only from Elijah Hosein's (@elijahxhosein) artistry but the production and instrumentation that is used. When listening to "Secret" it's clear Elijah's vocal ability is already a plus but also gives us more by using horns which creates a total vibe. Elijah Hosein's sound is  unique and can be the musical escape you're in need of.

Press play, it will be our secret!