VIDEO: China Marie - FEELIN

Portland-native, China Marie, released visuals for her latest single, "Feelin," off new album POTPOURRI.

We had to let this resonate with us prior to its release. China Marie gave us exactly what we needed and showed all that she needs in the "FEELIN" visuals; HER. No extras or unnecessary bodies, just China Maria vibin' to her track in the streets of LA and serving badass, sexy profile throughout the video WITH Cup Noodles in hand!

She is bringing you your all-time summer vibes and her visuals are amazing. From China Marie sleeping in her car for weeks to making her way to LarraBee Studios to get her kick start in the music industry, she is soaring and no challenge can phase her.

"Feelin" recalls a previous situationship of hers, her woman intuition and moving on like boss babe. Ladies, we know how hard it is to meet Prince Charming to only be left on our ass*s, guys I know the same happens to you. This song is a reflection of our challenges and how we can overcome them even when we are too naive to notice the pre-warnings - but ignoring our guts is sometimes fun, right? That risky life that'll leave you in your feelings!

From Portland to Los Angeles to the music industry, China Marie is here to make her mark and to make dope music for her fans and followers to vibe to. China Marie has truly revamped herself as an artist, creator and writer and her matriculation with her music doesn't stop here.
Be sure to check out her new video Feelin' and stay tuned to what China Marie has next in store.
China Marie, @chinamariemusic