MIX- Sleepy - dat$tick. (Sleep2 edit)

Sleepy, a New York-based DJ, shows us why he should never be slept on!

He flips the switch to the track. Dat$tick, by Rich Chigga and creates a  smoother mix.

We reached out to Sleepy and learned his motive behind this mix and here's what he said:

 "I just wanted to do a more soulful rendition to the original track while still keeping it TURNT with the drums."

Sleepy is known for creating soulful mix's and his supporters appreciate him for that. Sleepy is an emerging DJ who is evolving on his own terms as he collaborates with the likes of other independent music curators, such as, Jordan Bratton, Liana Bank$, and Foursix. 

Are you feeling this mix?