EP: Sadé Emoni - 222

"Love is a constant fight; trying to make it right with the person you want in your life." Sadé Emoni

I'd simply like to ask that you let '222' play on repeat until it's fully resonated. Let Sadé Emoni take you through her [your] love story from the good, bad and beautiful.

Her voice is pure, serene and soulful AF! She gives life through every note within each seven tracks and strokes EVERY emotion. You can hear ad-libs and a narrative of Sadé  and her beau, Frank McFly, as they THROUGH it, but in reality they are definitely relationship goals, #FrankandSade!

"That's how it's suppose to be; baby, you and me. That's how its suppose to go through the highs and through the lows. You're all that I want, all I need."

Sadé  is set to have her release party the evening of February 23rd at the Loft Lite Venue in Newark, NJ where attendees can expect a live listen and more! You know we will be there to give you all the deets here. In the meantime, let that 222 EP play!

Sade Emoni, @sade_emoni