And I know the money don't really make me whole
The magazine covers drenched in gold
The dreams of granny in mansion and happy
The little things I need to save my soul.
Yesterday - Noname

 Let's through it back and introduce Chicago rapper Fatimah Warner also known as Noname (@nonamehiding) to those who have yet to realize her worth.

You may have first heard her on Chance The Rapper’s track, “Lost,” which appears on his album Acid Rap. Her project Telefone is bittersweet, as the songs address topics ranging from police brutality to a mother’s experience with abortion, although the production at times resembles the twinkly music that probably looped in your head while reading Disney princess storybook collections as a child. Initially, however, it was supposed to feel like a phone conversation that you have with a crush for the first time (which means lot’s of awkward moments, and some laughter too).

    Noname is redefining what it means to be a rapper in 2017. While maintaining a style that is consistent with the energy of today’s youth, she is also reintroducing the storytelling that was prevalent in much of the rap music of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. She makes it clear that music isn’t something that can be drawn out of thin air but that music is art before anything else and in order to create meaningful art, one must go through experiences that can inspire; that art is meticulously crafted from what already exists rather than invented.

    Noname just announced that her next project will be titled Room 25 which we are anxiously awaiting! She is also expected to perform at the Panorama Music Festival in New York City this month!

It is so refreshing to see another female making her mark in the rap world. If you haven’t already, take a listen to Telefone below: