Kehmaury Black, also known as Kyraxx, (@kyraxx.s) is a Jamaican native from Mandeville, Manchester making his mark in the Jamaican music scene. It’s been a month since he released his first EP “Double Standards” which produced by his musical partner iotosh (@iotosh). I caught up with Kyraxx to learn more about his process of creating Double Standards as well as his thoughts on the project after releasing it: 

 iotosh (@iotosh) | Image Source: Kyraxx   

iotosh (@iotosh) | Image Source: Kyraxx


 Kyraxx (@kyraxx.s) | Image Source: Kyraxx

Kyraxx (@kyraxx.s) | Image Source: Kyraxx

How would you describe your sound?

Hmm. I’m very versatile, I can really do anything. I’m mostly in the Hip Hop/Rap category, but Dancehall and R&B come easily to me...but I hate to categorize myself. I’m just an artist making art. 

Describe the experience of creating Double Standards

Creating 'Double Standards' was very fun for me because I was able to share so many stories. Iotosh and I worked at least 4 times a week from November to July. We were both located in different countries so we used an application called TeamViewer to communicate and to add touches to the songs. I think us taking the time and doing that really showed how my music has evolved, in terms of vocals, production and mixing & mastering. I tried to be open and honest in these songs. 

What has impacted the subject matter of your songs/ tracks ?

Real life experiences. Every time I hear a beat I just go off of the mood. I’m always honest in songs; I feel like it is a mode of self expression, it’s also something people can relate to. 

What do you hope to achieve through your music? 

I wanna be as big as it gets. I honestly wanna be as big as Jay-Z, Drake, Kendrick Lamar etc. I actually wanna be the first jamaican to dominate the rap game. 

Who have been your major influences/inspirations?

Bob Marley was a big one for me. Also Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Eazy-E, Vybz Kartel, Drake, and Partynextdoor. 

How do you think people have been receiving your music? 

People have been giving me a lot of feedback, mostly positive telling me what they liked and which songs they loved the most. I always ask for feedback because if the people aren't feeling it, what's the point? 

If you could work with any artist right now, who would it be? 

Any artist ? Honestly I wanna say Alkaline. I think we'd make a classic dancehall hit for all of the beautiful ladies. 

What’s next? 

Man, new music soon. I really don't wanna give up much on this. I have some tricks up my sleeve, so trust me when I say you'll be hearing about Kyraxx. Me & Iotosh putting in the work! Also look out for Iotosh's projects soon, haha. But yeah as I said, projects! Sound Ting® 

Kyraxx and I have been friends for  a while now and I can assure you that there's nothing but vibes in store for the future! Take a listen to double standards below or on your music platform of choice!