FRANK MCFLY dedicates his latest EP, Know Your Worth, to women as we conclude Women's History Month.

It's nice hear a male artist switch up his approach to music and create a body of work that reflects his views and honor of women.

In life you have to love and respect yourself before loving somebody else.
Any relationship that doesn't consider your values should nut stay log in your heart
They always going to disrespect you if you disrespect yourself
You keep holding on to them because you don't know your worth.

Frank McFly released Know Your Worth on March 31st with a listening party and photo series gallery in Brooklyn. The project features eight tracks produced by ten amazing producers. It also features five artists, such as, Sha-Mula, Sade Emoni, Omega, Shaa Hebrew and Xay Charles.

The release brought out Frank's closest friends, family and supporters.

Throughout the project you hear ad-libs, peer conversations and sermons discussing love, relationships and enhancing your self worth. Know Your Worth comes at a time where women are being belittled by the highest office, bashed on television and continuously degraded and exploited throughout many subcultures. This project is a reflection of the man Frank Mcfly is and who he'd like others to be. It is also a reminder to women that we are loved, if not by who we think we want to be, but by who we need. This project was created to remind us of our power and value on this earth.

Know Your Worth, ladies!