Deniro Farrar, a name new to us and now dear to our ears, releases his latest project, Mind of a Gemini II.

Deniro Farrar, NC native, decided to release Mind of a Gemini II on his birthday, June 18th, which was also Father's Day. He entered his primes, celebrated life and fatherhood all in one day but from what I've gathered about him, every breathe is a celebration.

Hard beats, a low-raspy yet alluring voice, steady flow and wisdom behind every word he utters, Farrar has presented an exceptional seven-track project. 

"..Intellect focused. Baby girl noticed other niggas hopeless. Elevate her mind now she open like a lotus. I ain't gotta f*ck to make your...even though we separate our souls came together."

"Intellect" is a deep love song where he takes us through the start of a relationship, the connection, reproduction of life and souls bonding - not for you f*ckboys and gals - it's as if we are directly involved. I've played it 10x already!

"Witty" (ft. Denzel Curry) is that "yeah-haters-I-made-it" song, followed by "Nervous" & "Inquisitive" gives me classic rap vibes -a must- he touches on Trump, the silent genocides of our people through the sh*tty foods offered to us and words from Farrar's enlightenment

"Got me searching for peace, I meditate like the Buddha. Praying for forgiveness cause they know they did me wrong. F*ck her like I love her in the morning I'll be gone. Everybody judging cause they know a n*gga on."  - Smooth (feat. Adé Adisa)

"Open minded" goes deeper into consciousness and third eye awareness. If you really listen to his words, which it isn't hard to do because of his captivating nature, you can hear Farrar make references to his overall healthier life consumption. He doesn't do GMOs, he's more spiritual and clear with what he receives into his surrounding. "Different" is the final track of the sequence where he discusses his grind, wishes from/for his mother, the grind he put in for his children and overall, how he is in his own lane doing exactly what he wants to do.

Mind of a Gemini II is a well-thought out project that contains substance and evidence of a clear trajectory for Dinero Farrar. Make sure you support and purchase on Bandcamp if you love it, check out more from Farrar because he is appears to be working  and listen to his previous projects.