PROJECT: Darius Scott - YOUNG

Darius Scott drops 'YOUNG' a 13-song EP mentored by Pharrell Williams.

"A self-taught singer, producer and musician, and son of a preacher found himself in the company of Pharrell Williams on the 9th Season of NBC’s The Voice. Equipped with a few EPs and a Gospel album, he sent him what he had after his run on the show commenced. On Christmas Day in 2016, Darius Scott found his mentor and after a few sessions with Williams, he went to re-make the then-untitled album, now known as 'YOUNG.'

'YOUNG' is about as ambitious as the title sounds. The 13-song LP places Darius’ at the helm with production. He sits his raspy vocals smack in the center of his lush soundscapes. The 70’s inspired samples wrap the songs in soul, while the Atlantans trap influences lay the foundation for his Freshman album."

The project is exactly as described and in it's own lane so far amongst releases this year. He merges sounds and samples from “back in the days” where R&B/Soul really made us FEEL and combines it with the new soul sounds with a hint of gospel, can’t deny that.

This is our first time hearing Darius Scott and "YOUNG" has us looking forward to more from the artist.

Listen and purchase it on all streaming platforms HERE.