PROJECT: 22Love - SORRY IT'S THIS W4Y + Exclusive Interview

22Love drops their debut project, Sorry It’s This W4y, with 11-tracks ranging in lyrical variety.

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Read below for an exclusive interview with the collective about their debut to their fans. 22Love is a Brooklyn collective of 10 rap artist who are all different in ways of their sound and stories but are able to form a unit and bring what they believe to be real rap.

What does the title, Sorry It’s This W4y, mean?

Sorry It's This W4Y is our apology for the series of unfortunate events in the eyes of the people who care for us. It serves as an explanation to many things including our lifestyles, which a lot of, those may not agree on. A look into the paths we've walked being apologetic, this is what our surroundings has made us up to be. It's been a long time coming for this tape, so it's a sorry for the wait as well.

Now that your debut project has been released, how do you all feel as a collective?

There are many things we all feel. Happy that we're finally being heard as a collective yet eager and anxious, hungry to put out more. We also feel a sense of relief because we've wanted to get this package out to the world for so long and now it's finally falling into place.

Describe ‘22Love’ and balancing 10 different personalities within one collective?

22Love is the epitome of balance, equality, and being true to who you are. It's what we stand for. It may be hard getting us on the same page sometimes but we've learned when it's time to shape up and keep the ball rolling to not only move as a unit but think as one. Our bond is like no other, even though we are different.

What’s your views on the current indie rap culture? 

In our opinion, the indie rap game needs a huge change. We have too many artists sounding the same as another. We've allowed people to receive success after biting the styles of already lit people. Aside from a few artists in the game now, a lot of these people are missing originality. They forget that rap is an art and art is an expression, but you can't express something you've never felt. People need to be real and genuine in the game and bring back the emotions and feelings you get listening to music. Bring back giving off messages for the audience to learn. 

Why is 22Love important for the culture?

22Love is important to the scene now because we're bringing all the things we felt were missing in the game back to the table. Everything we write or rap about is from the heart or is something that actually was lived through. Reason we only rap about what we know about is because you'll be able to genuinely feel the passion in our music when you listen. Bringing many different styles into one collective only helps our agenda. We begin to stand out more with a slightly different sound as the music out now.

What is each of your favorite tracks from the project?

We've been holding these tracks for so long that's its hard to choose favorites amongst all of us but we're going to go with..."Fire, Stay & Money."