"So what? I go hard for what I need. And so what, I say what I want to, what I please. And so what? I don't even ball but I ball on these n*ggas. Top 5, I top all of these n* what?" -Lexxy

Lexxy from the Bronx with the angelic voice released new fire to get this month started on a good note; a fearless girl anthem!

What's love if it doesn't make you sing, right? Lexxy always pushes through with the heartbreak-f*ck-that-boy music for us so let's sing to Love!

 LEXXY, @lexx._

LEXXY, @lexx._

Love isn't a sappy song though. Lexxy goes in on 'that boy' as she sings, "they love it when you've given up on your dreams so they can catch a bite but you know what I mean. But that ain't happening." The boy apparently wants a "brainless Melania" (per Nicki) but that's not who she is as she brings up her career and passions just as much as he does yet the support is one-sided. Girls need Love too, though!

LADIES, keep pushing through and one day you'll find your soulmate to grind even harder with. FELLAS, remember a good women is a honor, not a privilege. Let's match each other fly!