PROJECT: Latasha Alcindor - B(LA)K.

I've held this project from 2012 until now...the project practically flowed out of me one night. It's still not finished to me but something in my being is telling me to release this. I don't really know if anyone is going to care, I don't really care...this is B(LA)K." - L.A.

Nah, this is hip hop! The Brooklyn-bred emcee, Latasha Alcindor, finally dropped her project B(LA)K. and it's everything that has been missing from the independent arts culture: a raw female story and voice.

The 16-track project takes us into the life of L.A. over her four year [even lifetime] production period of love, durability and woes. What make this project even more fire is the bilingual flow she occasionally applies to tracks like QuesoUn Dios and Eggz. She addresses social issues on Side Efx of Gentrification and trust. L.A. also gives us testimonies and breaks throughout the project heighten our emotionaldigestion

B(LA)K. is a testimony for all women-black women- and everyone whose been through it and still going through it. Let her be your voice until your find your own. 

Tell us how B(LA)K. makes you feel?

 Watch her latest video ' Revoke Thee ' as she reinforces the unwritten girl code in the coldest form.

Watch her latest video 'Revoke Thee' as she reinforces the unwritten girl code in the coldest form.

Latasha Alcindor | @ucancallmela