AUDIO: Fresh the Propet - ZERO

"The vibe of the song is feeling at zero which has low-key been the energy of myself and most of my peers recently. I know success is around the corner ("feeling like a million in the making"), but we still going through/stressed about shit in the moment." - Fresh the Prophet

"Mom said I have to finish school, but I'm living in a zoo..."

Zero is a reminder of the problem we are all facing; the desire for instant gratification. We watch other artists blow up with mediocre yet trendy music while those, like Fresh and his NXGN counterparts, work tirelessly and produce lyrical, well-thought out and meaningful music. Do you blame him for feeling like a zero?

This song is more powerful than you may choose to realize and the question that arises is: what can we do to elevate more deserving independent artists?

 Fresh the Prophet and friends | @freshtheprophet

Fresh the Prophet and friends | @freshtheprophet