VIDEO: Frank Mcfly - Know Your Worth

Less than a week ago Frank Mcfly premiered this video that held a powerful message on women, relationships and very relevant social issues. 

Despite arriving in time for Women's History Month, Know Your Worth, is more powerful than meets the eye. 

We watch as a young women is verbally and physically abused by her boyfriend. Brittany continues to push through within the video as she behaves naively, or faithfully, to her relationship which later costs her life. This story is typical yet it will never be cliche because it still exists today. Many people within this story can be put to blame for their actions, or lack off thereoff, regarding the situation, however, one person is the direct cause and effect of her death; the abuser.

Frank McFly, is a young men and artist who chose to take a different approach with his music than his counterparts and touches on a social issues we, youth and all, are facing today. With a scumbag in our Highest office who doesn't have respect for women to other music artists who still degrade women [another topic that will be touched on]  Know Your Worth is needed.

We are anticipating this EP but ask that you focus on the message within this video because I KNOW it will hit home to one of you. Know your WORTH, boys and girls. Never devalue yourself and don't you dare let anyone else.

It's WOMEN HISTORY MONTH so use it as your excuse to be enlightened and "MAN" up.

Thank you, Frank for this! 

Frank McFly, @frankmcfly