EP: Wallace - FROM NOW

"Bab,y tell me where your heart is and do you still feel for me."- Wallace

Wallace dropped his EP, "From Now," so what are you going to do? Play that sh't!

The five track project explores relationships, the past, and how Wallace owns up to his mistakes and strives to do better. The eye opener to this project that makes it even more of a vibe is that you get the male perspective on such tender topics. We don't hear too much of emotional music within the independent music scene, especially here in New York, so Wallace is making an initiative for more.

Nine times out of ten, males do think about their emotions but can be skeptical of expressing further.  Chances are they may think it will make them lesser of a man. Wallace is the voice of the males that can't formulate their own yet and a reminder to the ladies that the effort is RARE.

'From Now' deserves more than one play its repeat worthy!


Wallace, @ohhwallace