"I'm back to the basics, back t my roots, a true warrior, face it. These niggas ain't nothing to pay attention to, lace it. There ain't enough soul (sole), ya stripes look so K Swiss. Nu subliminal, nigga thats how you take it." -Been That

West coast flow, hip hop, worries, pains, memories, vibes and retro beats; Grayscale took time to create as it's evident in the sound. The Portland, OR native, Donte took us back to the days rappers recapped their day or newsworthy situations they encountered. It's a strong body of work, it's real because Thomas, 22, took us in his life from the day he released it to his first breath.

Sometime's there are gray areas.


"i spent so much time worrying about the wrong things. Either I was trying too hard to fit in or trying too hard to stand out. But over the years,I've grown. Not only as a artist, but as a person. Everything I went through, every battle I faced, every obstacle in my path, I overcame. I learned that everyday in life is a lesson. Lessons lead to blessings, so there's no reason to be stressing. I battled a deep depression for years. Sometimes I didn't feel good enough or like I mattered to anyone. I was empty and felt alone..But my brothers had my back through it all &helped me bounce back through one of the darkest times in my life. As of no, Im the happiest I've been in a long time 7 I can't thank my family enough for that. So [tomorrow] is dedicated to success That's Recognized At Youth."