BAR OF THE WEEK from SwankMasterRaw

You are reading the first installment of "Bar of the Week" where we shout out the most fire bars or lyrics from independent artists. First up:

"Was told to be a leader seek the better side in people.
Keep from the lust, that's how I grew up
Never walked around with heaters just a sharp medulla that can pierce right through ya."   

We pulled these from SwankMasterRaw's latest track, "Will We?," can you relate? 

Raw has many dominant punchlines but there are certain bar's that will always stand out. The music is obviously more valuable with them. So what's SwankMasterRaw intended takeaway for you after listening to this "Will We?"

 It is to always have positive energy no matter what the situation is. With that being said we wanted to get the correct answer from the master himself. We asked SwankMasterRaw to decode the #BarofTheWeek. Here's the Breakdown:

All my life I was told by my parents to make my own decisions because every time I followed somebody else, I got into some kind of trouble. They also told me to continue to spread love, no matter how evil someone else is, because it makes no sense bouncing negativity off negativity. You're going to end up dead, if not. Stay away from the lustful demons that lurk in this world because all they want do to you is suck you dry for your worth.

I mean guns are cool but as a kid this saying, "there's many was fi hang dog without putting rope round dem neck," kept me from it. Why? because I can get you more hooked to my mind than a lick. Teach you something to better yourself and we both stay ahead of the game. So no matter how you felt or what you thought, I already know how to approach accordingly.

Your mind is your greatest weapon.