Bar of The WEEK From Soulfulnjn

Come on, its another one. That's right it's:  "Bar of the week"  where we recognize a independent artist each week who has delivered those fire bars or lyrics


"I worked too hard for these motherfuckers to still neglect us. 
Its been to long that these striped stars still can't protect us,
and we decline that all hopes that one will accept us but love still neglects us.
Let me voice myself my own people will bring me down so let me hoist myself.'

We pulled these Bars from Soulfullnjn latest track 'Come on.'

It would only be respectful for Soulfullnjn to deliver top tier bars over the classic beat'Life' produced by the legendary J Dilla. Soulfullnjn explains a part of a story in his life; sometimes love will neglect you despite the work you put in but remember you always have yourself at the end of the day and you have the power to RAISE yourself up despite it all.

We thought it would only be fitting for the artist himself to dissect these bars in depth for #BarOfTheWeek:


"I work to hard for these mothafuckas to still neglect us"


What I'm saying in these few bars is a message to America in a sense because we know Black people are overlooked. No other explanation for it and I just want the respect I deserve.

"It's been too long that these stripes, stars still can't protect us."

We've been in this country for x amount of time now, and even with slavery gone, and people who fought for equal rights and all we're still The hunted, we're still the target.

"And we decline all in hopes that one will accept us, but love still neglect us."

I just feel it's an observation. When I look around at some of the things we do for attention, or popularity or acceptance. We lower our standards and intelligence at times just to fit in. Music is a prime example of how you don't have to think to make it anymore you can just say whatever and everybody is following that trend. But just because people are following that, Doesn't mean they love you. They just love what your doing.

"Let me voice myself, my own people will bring me down so let me hoist myself..."

It's as simple as every other race supports their own. Except for us people will much rather pull you down before you reach the top then to help you get their. And that can really bother you and play with your mind a bit and for me it did. So I had to find a way to praise myself and be my own happiness because I know I can't expect them to do it which is sad.