BAR OF THE WEEK From Kris Kasanova

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"I'm with these misfits and we all feeling misguided

tryna keep it all TOGETHER but we still DIVIDED

In my HOOD isis has never been the crisis

Put our pride aside y'all decide who the nicest



We pulled these from Kris Kasanova's latest track 'Mask off'

I know Future's "Mask off' is probably in your playlist right now. But Kris Kasanova adds his own lyrical twist and says some things that are a bit more thought provoking.

So what was Kris Kasanova's intended take away after saying these vital words?

Everyone should start looking at the bigger picture and realize the real. We wanted to get the correct answer from the artist himself, read as Kris Kasanova decodes the #BarofTheWeek:

Those lines mean I'm with a lot of I stand with a lot of youngings who aren't experienced to the world. We're misguided because the information that was given to us was wrong like our history and our heritage. We constantly fight and argue among ourselves because we're lost and I'm just trying to keep it all together. America is worried about terrorist, but that's not my biggest problem. My problem is keeping people in my neighborhood connected together."