AUDIO: Xavier Omär - AFRAID

Really I'm afraid, of giving you what they all missed up.
My stress up, taking pictures and I dressed up looking blessed up.
You need something and I got you, I spot you...til I see your love is not true. -Xavier Omär

Does Bizness Boi ever stop working? We don't want him to because he keeps us WOKE with his collaborations. We couldn't let this new track, "Afraid" by Xavier Omär go unnoticed.

"Afraid" is the spoken form of how we are behaving and thinking in regards to our messed up love lives and the lack of. You can't say otherwise. We are afraid to love, to show our emotions, being vulnerable and revealing our layers to someone new because someone old made us all f*cked up inside. Emotionally detached yet physically attached I'd say.

Was it true love? Undecided.
Hard times I'm broken, past lies they leave you open.
I tried I'm hopeless at night, no way of coping with this shredded heart

Bizness Boi produced a smooth beat that allowed Xavier's lyrics to penetrate our souls and literally take us back to places that we might be in denial of even existing.. Perhaps his intent was to tell OUR story and then wake us up, because we shouldn't remain guarded forever. Right?

Either way this is an extremely beautiful song and we want to know how do you relate to "AFRAID" -are you afraid of love?

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