AUDIO: Wordplay - PROSPER ft. 6 minutes

"This record is a sound portrait that expresses a narrative of overcoming the trials and tribulations throughout life. Resulting in being able to endure through adversity to enable ones self to reach higher plateaus."

"Prosper" is now available for purchase on iTunes , Google Play and for stream on Spotify, Tidal, Pandora and Wordplay tells us stories of depression, false prophets, a single mother, an alleged criminal, a suicidal girl, and more but twists he story around to one of hope and prosperity.

"All my life, I've been through hell and back.
All these lights, blind you then fade to black." - 6 minutes

We will never stop "going through it" as we need the bad to balance out the good. This track was well thought out and written, as far as the message and lyricism. It's always refreshing to hear songs that reenforce the message of hope, striving to prosper and reminding listeners that life is worth living. We all know someone going through some sh*t when we aren't, so remember to be there because all i takes is a small gesture.