TYBASS releases "CAIGO," produced by JonBoylce.

Ain't it funny how n*ggas through shade like we ain't up next.
How n*ggas through subs no I don't take threats
How n*ggas say gang but don't bang no set
Play games oh yeah you can take your bet.

The Basic Extra Terrestrial from Brooklyn lets it out on "CAIGO" where he can be heard over a tropical-feeling beat while calling people on their bluff. TyBass has an undeniably raw flow and an evolving wordsmith. It's easy to let his words pass your head if you don't pay attention because of how quick he is with them but it's even easier to constantly hit replay before the song ends.

TyBass is just that talented and his words always pulls you into a mentally refreshing tornado, the dope beats are also a plus. Listen to "CAIGO" below: