AUDIO: Stvsh - NO BREAKS ft. Jay Critch

no breaks

no tears

no lies

no fear

watch out

stay clear

make way

I'm here

STVSH drops latest single "No Breaks" ft. Jay Critch and it's all the motivation we need as this month comes to a close.

The Brooklyn bred artist linked up and made a hit during a session at Off Records in New York. Jay Critch has been spiraling upwards through his music career this past year and STVSH is on the rise this year.

"No Breaks" is refreshing in its own right because the artists rap about go-mode and not giving up. During a time of the desire for instant gratification and "quick to compare" generation evolves, "No Breaks" recites the need to stay in your lane, go into tunnel vision and put your all into the things you want most despite everything around you.

It's an important message within where the underated and previously discouraged can wake up and get on their bully. All gas, no breaks!

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