"I've been on my grind for a couple years now.
When they see you coming up they gon' try to pull you down...
If a nigga act up best believe it's going down."

The Brooklyn warrior, Stvsh, - yes, with a 'v' - just pulled "Down," out of his cache.

"Down" resurfaced from a repost spotlight on Soundcloud by Cinematic Music Group. We can't wait to hear his new project, Commercial Crack, and the evolution of his sound from then to now so for now we taking whatever we get!

I be on my job, never worked a 9-5
All my n*ggas hungry so you know they down to ride.
All of them will catch a case..

"Down" is the type of track you listen to when you need to retract your thoughts, refocus your grind and reflect on all the sh*t you've accomplished. OR if you simply admire Stvsh's work -like we do- and want to hear him flow.  It also makes you realize how much more you are capable of no matter how high your peers place you on the pedestal; you can go HARDER!

Stvsh | @stvsh718