AUDIO: nxgn - ELEGANT (ft. MeLo-X)

I am elegant, level up for the hell of it

All my goons intelligent, we in our element

10 days later and 29.4K hits on Soundcloud, "Elegant," exceeds projections with the intent to go higher.

Fresh the Prophet goes hard with the hook and introduces nxgn with a more than elegant verse, not for the faint heart. 

"What the f*ck is a limit, y'all always hoggin' the image. I just be coffin the digits, I need some bucks for the mission."

TyBass maneuver in with a slower place and gets straight to his point; disrespect will not be tolerated towards his camp.

"They can't f*ck with the cabinet, we stay on our battleship. Disrespect I'm not having it."

MeLo-X comes in to conclude with an ill flow as he mentions his Grammy-win this past year and shows us why he's in the hip-hop pioneer category. His lyricism is so elegant.

"You working out for the 'gram, I'm working out for the grammy...used to be underground but they know me now. Next Gen!"

What's your favorite "Elegant" bar?