AUDIO: Nicotine's Famous Honey - THE FIRST TIME

The hottest band in Brooklyn, Nicotine's Famous Honey, has blessed us with a new single, "The First Time."

Nicotine has fallen in love and she's singing a sweet tune, while Herrick and Hooley provide the sound to her heart beat, like it's her first time.

Rest your little head on my chest, you a'int gotta say a thing
Everybody treated you like shit, but I'm going to treat you like a king
Since when did it become a thing not to fall in love?
You got me dancing like a diamond, boy. I got to show you off.

The funky, R&B track brings 'feel good' emotions as Nicotine's Famous Honey reassures us that it's okay to fall in love. We are feeling very lovers-and-friends-ish with this and it's refreshing. Everybody wants to sing or rap about war and hate while we are all for love and getting into our feelings.

 I can't wait to fall and love but for now we'll live through Nicotine's Famous Honey with "The Firs Time."


Nicotine, @nicthecig

Herrick and Hooley, @herrickandhooley

Visuals by: Lloyd The Absract, @lloydtheabstract


Cover Art by: Anne Heilner