'I'ma say this for closure, Black ain't a color it's a culture." - Kaner Flex


Kaner Flex is a young artist hailing from London/New York who is mostly known as a professional dancer. He can also flex his lyrical muscles too.

Kaner drooped his latest track, "Ascension," which carries a trippy beat! He talks about the everyday struggles we face as black and brown beings and how despite our adversities, we still rise and become great.

"Ascension" brings a certain amount of motivation that is needed in today's generation. Times are HARD and no one can sugar coat thst for us, but we will ascend!

We asked Kaner: "What inspired you to make this type of song?"

He responded: "If I make music it needs to have substance and be awakening so I can open people eyes to the real sh*t that is going on because everyone who makes music either talks about b*tches, money, and chains but that light only blinds them from the reality."

What emotions are you feeling as you listen to "Ascension?" 

Kaner Flex | @kanerflex