AUDIO: Kamau Kenyatte - EXTENDO (ft. Moon)

"I bet you going to remember when they send me out to get you,

I was killing all these niggas one shot. 

And i was sitting looking for the difference from these bags and your opinions

but i guess that it didn't mean a lot you just sweeten up the pot"

- Kamau Kenyatte


Extendo! Extendo! Extendo!

Kamau Kenyatte's latest single, "Extendo" ft Moon has that trap vibe to kick off your spring/summer party season.

"'Extendo" unquestionably exudes a party groove with a hard hitting beat and catchy lyrics. With just the right tempo the beat vibes are coming in nonstop until you make them. It's a song that will have you turnt AF nonetheless; Kamau Kenyatte could be the next 'trap sensation' on the rise because "EXTENDO" ISSA VIBE! We can't wait to hear this forthcoming album because according to social media, Kamau is budding with every release.

Did 'Extendo' make it to ya party favorites?