AUDIO: Jean Valeaur - WITH THE SH*TS

 "If i'm in the endzone how can I not put my man's on?

Been flippin, whippin, since day one

Now we soul snatching like Shang Tsung."



The Brooklyn-based artist, Jean Valeur, released his latest  single, "With The Shits," as he prepares us for, FUCKEVERYTHINGLP.

He did not disappoint. "With The Shits" is a noteworthy track loaded with a ferocious lyrical flow. It's the fearlessness that he displays to tell it like it is and that gives the track its strong hip-hop sound. Who's to say there's no hope for today's hip-hop emergent?

Jean Valeur's grind will definitely be reflected through FUCKEVERYTHINGLP. If you weren't anticipating the album before we suggest you get with the shits now! 

Jean Valeur, @vivajeanvaleur

Prod by. @bugzronin

Artwork: @MorganTStuart