AUDIO: Flo Kennedy - SECTION 8

"Pray to God yesterday, pray to God to forgive me and open them purely gates.
Pray it don't catch you lying a line could read that face
and I can question my faith and I can choose all my vices
And I can battle my prey and I no longer can find myself in the darkness,
I'm ducking the darkest hour enlightening all my targets my God."
- Flo Kennedy

Do you need a reminder to stay focus and keep going despite the distractions that will come your way? Well New York based artist Flo Kennedy has something she wants to tell you with her debut single "Section8."

Flo Kennedy's lyrical ability on "Section 8" is not only amazing but shows versatility while still conveying her message that many need to hear. Flo Kennedy let's us know "THE GRIND" is not all glamorous and there will be obstacles but staying focused and remembering why you started in the first place is key.

Section 8 is clearly gearing us up for Flo Kennedy's upcoming sophomore project The Wall(flow)er EP. Until then put "Section 8" in the rotation of your personal playlist.

So stop everything your doing and listen.