AUDIO: Daniel Church - GIVE A F***

You know what time it is.
I'm off the wall, I'm Michael with the black tux.
Girl, you know it's lit. Come get your life.

Daniel Church, Milwaukee-born singer/songwriter, linked with a few other musical boy-wonders and the result is his latest single, "Give a F***."

Daniel wrote this song with a carefree female in mind as the track takes us away from the stereotypical boy-chases-girl story and explains how a girl can be just as assertive when it comes to love and pleasure.

Sometimes we don't GIVE A F*** either, guys. Does this song remind you of someone?


Prod. by @biznessboi x @th3ory__ 
Written by: Daniel Church | BG vocals : @charlieizdope
Artwork by : @khaleell.smith