AUDIO: Coach Wave - U KNOW

Not gon lose no

Keep it real keep it real that's my truth ayy

For my squad yea f*ck around f*ck around knock you off ayy

I was gone ayy poppin' poppin' them sticks and stones yea

what you know yea i know what you know,

yea i know what you know ayy - Coach Wave

COACH WAVE releases more vibes with "U Know."

Coach Wave (@coachwave), of Foursix, drops "U know" which has a mellow beat paired with his dazed flow. It's easy to repeatedly play this track as the vibe is set for those who want to nod their head and catch the wave. It's truly calming for reason we don't care to further explain rather want you to just press 'play,' you know?

How does 'U Know' have you feeling?