AUDIO: Cliche - SP - 9000

Think about,
Think about all the risk
Tryna shoot parachute to the loot
it might finesse the truth - Cliche

Cliche goes retro with his recent release, "SP - 9000" w/ Montavious.

Cliche's (@iam.cliche) use of two different melodies shows his creativity and versatility as an artists. He's also a dope lyricist and I can feel his wave coming as more people become aware of his sound

I am sure a few of you are wondering what does "SP" means so I'll tell you. Do you (those 18 and older) remember playing those classic video games like the Nintendo and Game Boys?  'SP' represented your health and 9000 was the limit of the bar. 

Very creative song title as it matches the vibes portrayed in the track. Cliche decided to write this song as a reflection on where he was previously and the ways of people who were around him during that time in comparison to now. 

His sound intrigued us so we needed a little more from him.

What should people expect from "iam.cliche?"

People should expect the breaking of unorthodox barriers w/ a colorful yet gritty approach. While everyone is going right I'm going left while touching what many are uncomfortable touching. I'm BEING MYSELF. That's all you should expect from "iam.cliche" someone who is actually being authentic to self!

Who were you listening to before creating your own music? Do they still have an influence on you today?

It really began with Eminem, Marvin Gaye, Capital Steez Raury & Fly Lo. They all had styles and traits I could see in myself and that helped propel me into finding my own sound, as well influencing me as an individual. Of course I still bump them. Going back to my roots always gives me a fresh feel for my music!

More from Cliche:

New work from Cliche is coming soon he says but in the meantime bump that recent and follow him at @iam.cliche!