This reminds me of the summer time rolling, just rolling with my...

Bocha releases "Bounce" as we breeze by this summer season.

"Bounce" can be played in any party to shift the mood and make the crowd do as it says. The word "bounce" has multiple uses within this from recreational uses, to the movement of curly hair, dancing and other uses of the term. What else did you hear?

Southeast Portland, Oregon native Bocha (@BochaFromGFE) is a young Hip-Hop artist that has been making a name for himself this past year. After releasing his crowd pleasing singles, "Everyday" and "Where To Begin" from his latest project Yet, he then released videos filmed by Nik (Puurple) Popp which have both accumulated almost 100,000 views via Facebook/YouTube. Displaying his melodic & often abstract laid back rhyme schemes, he has begun to pave his own lane in the Portland rap scene.