"Do or die, I'm too alive and living life to the fullest." - B. Cherry EQ

When you hear the word 'Galleries,' it brings to mind a room or a building with art on display, right? Well B. Cherry EQ is aiming to paint a picture, or a few, with the release of "Galleries."

When listening to 'Galleries' you can visualize what B. Cherry may have intended for us to feel with this track as it is a feel good, go have fun in life type of vibe. This song is the perfect soundtrack for Spring. What more to ask of from an upcoming artist like B.cherry  as he takes us through a carefree, artsy day. You see the masterpiece within?

"Link up, pre-game, function, GALLERIES!

Drink up, we came thump-ing, GALLERIES!
We out here, you see this, it's so sick at GALLERIES...Welcome to my GALLERY!"

We wanted to zoom into the picture a bit more and get some facts from B. Cherry himself:

How did you come up with your name [B.cherry EQ]?

Well, my real name is Brandon Cherry and I'm known as Cherry. No one in high school really knew my first name, so Cherry was always my default. It wasn't until one of my friends, back in high school stopped me on a bathroom break to tell me I should just keep my rap name as B. Cherry since that's what everyone already knows me as.  So every since that day the name just stuck with me. 

EQ is a collective that I'm apart. I started it with friends from high school and carried out more people I came to know as I got older. It consists of rappers, photographers, cinematographers, producers, engineers and etc. We all collaborate and combine our talents/skills to help one another take our craft to the next level.

What's the meaning of the song "Galleries"?

The idea for "Galleries" came from the experiences I had over this past summer. My friends (EQ) and I would always find ourselves mobbing to art galleries with other friends in Chelsea. It's like it became a trend for urban kids all around the city, smoke our weed outside, go inside, enjoy the free alcohol, look at art and just basically have a good time. In my head I'm thinking this some classy shit, look at art and sip on wine... It was rare to have seen kids like us there, and enjoying the same thing that these rich people from the city were. I grew up in the hood, but I like classy shit too.

What's your favorite bar from it ?

Favorite bar from the song would have to be...

"Do or die, I'm too alive and living life to the fullest."

B. Cherry EQ, @goodtalk_badvice