Been that girl since I started,

All you listen to is wack artists

I see ya feelings changed only fuck with me through instagram

watching all my post,

Never liking shit i don’t want your man he just a fan- Ebony J


New York artist, Ebony J, is putting us on “Game," with her latest release.

Through the release of this single, Ebony J displays two sides; a gritty New York flow paired with a sample of her vocal abililties. 


We  did more than just listening to the track and reached out to Ebony J for more game: 

Jabari: On "Game," you apply a more lyrical approach, who are some people u look up to when it comes to being lyrical? 

Ebony J: Dave east,  J. Cole , Jay Z, Biggie, old school rappers from the 80’s  and battle rappers like Brizz Rawsteen.

Jabari: What’s the most priceless "game" someone told you whether it was to help your music or just in life? 

Ebony J: "Stay consistent" - Dave East

Jabari: Was this track based on your self expression or more so for your audience?

Ebony J: Yeah I was just talking on this track and writing how I felt. Many people need game and have this music game all fucked up right now.

Jabari: As an artist, is there something different Ebony J will bring to today’s music? 

Ebony J: Yes, yes as an artist and just a person, I will and am bringing many different attributes to this music game. 

Jabari: What’s next for Ebony J? 

Ebony J: Next for me there is more music, a project is definitely on the way - one that will be more hands on. My next project will probably be the one for me to make things happen. Also more business endeavors are brewing so follow me and stay up to date with all that is going on.